Why we need to know about absolute Time and Space?

Right now we are standing at the endpoint of whole past and at the same time we are standing at the start of all new future…   Welcome to the present!!

Significance of this subject

Let’s start with a sincere question, when and where do we come from?

The human consciousness started asking this question from basic to the most complicated one, eventually to the quest of entire existence. This question has been bothering us since the earliest times, from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein. In early times, the philosophers were the pioneers to start finding these answers naturally because we humans are gifted with the gift of wisdom, imaginations, notions etc. and now science has given us new wings by bringing a new set of tools to observe scientific facts to better understand the entire creation.

Philosophy only accepts the thing with a logical answer behind it whereas Science believes in observable evidence and mathematical calculations. We cannot define a scientific theory until a new empirical investigations result or mathematical calculation proves a phenomenon, but we must acknowledge that all researches start with a possibility, then with logical arguments to become a philosophy and finally developed into todays science theories by scientific research to prove it.

Picture 1: Relation between philosophy of science and science theories

Human wisdom >> Possibilities >> Logical arguments >> Philosophy >> Research >> Scientific facts >> New set of Possibilities >> Again a new cycle

However, today’s science has become so complicated that it is becoming more difficult for modern philosophers of science to bring new possibilities. This can be seen as a limited approach to new notions, in order to avoid any contradiction of present scientific facts.

This book “Absolute Time & Space… Existence beyond Bigbang” is an attempt to bridge the gap between Philosophy of Science and Science of Cosmology. It will open the doors towards the new possibilities for science to explore any kind of existence beyond (outside or before/after) our current universe.


·       To understand the development on this subject throughout the history.

·       To define and understand existence, creation and universe.

·       To discuss absolute zero and infinity of existence.

·       To define the mathematical dimensions.

·       To define Absolute Time and Absolute Space.

·       To discuss Absolute time and time travel.

·       To discuss Spacetime and time travel.

·       To discuss new possibilities based on this research work.

What is Bigbang and its relation with our Universe?

Today we know that our universe started with the initial singularity. The initial singularity was of infinite density and all the dimension were warped inside it including spacetime. It means nothing existed outside because there was no spacetime outside it. The singularity got exploded with a huge explosion known as Bigbang that caused our Universe to be like this as we see it now. We cannot observe the universe beyond (outside or before) bigbang because all the laws of physics break at point of singularity so it is impossible to observe anything beyond it with our current known technology.

However, many hypothesis/theories are being developed to explore the other possibilities of existence beyond (outside or before/after) Bigbang . We will discuss them in coming chapters.

Basic known facts of the Universe:

·       Bigbang occurred approx. 13.8 billion years ago from the explosion of initial singularity.

·       Diameter of present observable universe is approx. 93 billion light years. One light year is equal to distance travelled by light in one year at the speed of 300,000 kms per second.

Why we need to explore beyond bigbang?

A few years ago, we didn’t know about the existence of some galaxies, blackholes, antimatter and many other entities in Universe because we had not encountered any phenomena related to it. However, we always considered that there must be some other entities which exist outside of our observation limits. Similarly, if we consider that there may be a possibility of some existence beyond the Bigbang (our current known universe) then only we would be able to know, whether there is something beyond it or not.

As we know that there will always be some observation limits but we should always strive to explore further. Therefore, we are going to explore the possibilities of existence beyond Bigbang from the philosophical side.







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