Absolute Time and Time Travel

In this chapter we will explore the conditions to know how it will be like travelling in Absolute Time


Let’s start this chapter with a question; is it possible to change the present state of existence to the previous state of existence?

All past states of existence were existed and they do not exist anymore.

At present only present state of existence exists.

Future states of existence are yet to exist and they do not exist till now.

Although past and future state of existence do not exist now but they are part of Existence. These states of existence cannot be regarded as Non-existence according to the definition.  However changing the state of Entire Existence to previous or future state against the laws of physics (moment of inertia and second law of thermodynamics) is not possible. The state of whole existence has been changed in last moment and it is changing continuously by the laws of physics. This change of state is happening from a tiny particle to huge galaxies of cosmos.

In order to travel in ab. Time, one has to change the state of entire existence to the previous/future state which is impossible. Ab. Time is the measure of change of state of existence which cannot be stopped and it cannot be slowed down or made fast.

It might be interesting plot for a science fiction movie that someone can move backward and forward in time but it means changing the state of Entire Existence.

Let suppose a hypothetical situation:

Case 1

If we would be able to change the state of entire existence to previous state including ourselves (including our progression of thoughts) then we won't be able to realise that we are in past because our progression of thought also went back to past state.

Case 2

In another case, if we changed the state of entire existence to previous/past state but excluding ourselves (means our own thoughts did not go back to past state) then certainly we will be able to live in the past state of existence. However anyone would never be able to realise that we came from ‘present’ state to ‘past’.  Although we could tell about the ‘present’ to everyone who is in past state however the existence may not be back exactly the same way as it was in the start of this hypothetical case. Because if we tell any information or change anything in past state then it will lead to change of state of existence in a different way. And if we do not tell any information or change anything in the previous state, then only the existence would come to present state exactly the way as it should be. Interestingly, we would still not be able to travel in ab. Time because absolute time would still be running (our progression of thoughts which comes under the Existence) during the change of state to past and the change of state back to present.

The above cases were based on hypothetical condition of changing the state of Entire Existence to previous state which itself is a big non-possibility. However study of these cases provided us the clarity of impossible time travel in ab. Time.






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